FUTURE FORNEBU: A lighting concept
For my MFA graduation project in architectural lighting design from Hochschule Wismar in Germany I explored how to make an artistic outdoor lighting design concept without causing light pollution.

The specific site I chose for the project was the former airport area in Oslo, Norway, a peninsula called Fornebu. The old airport buildings at Fornebu are today in use as a cultural center including art studios and galleries while the rest of the peninsula has been transformed into a huge nature park including several nature reserves. My project is made with an artistic approach to accompany the artistic spirit of the cultural center, and with an environmentally friendly approach to be as considerate to the nature reserves and the biodiversity as possible. 
Underneath you see the poster I made to explain the concept in short terms. Later I will also publish more photos and drawings of the project in addition to a link to the written master thesis.
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